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how White collar should be to face pressure?

1, white-collar workers face pressure, do not escape pressure. Because each white-collar will have pressure, will be "promotion to his unable position"; Because it will accompany us through the whole life journey, so white-collar workers must be brave face.
If, white-collars encounter a pressure fled from, they give up, so not only against pressure excluded, and colleagues will also develop their timid, cowardice and inferiority bad psychological. cheap jerseys
2, white-collar workers to their own advantages disadvantages of correct assessment. Many white-collar workers have no confidence to oneself, is mainly didn't see their own advantage, always to see her own shortcomings. Of course, know himself is a difficult process, Socrates' wisdom -- "know yourself" still engraved in ancient Greece Delphi before the temple of Apollo stele. jerseys free shipping
3, white-collar "decompression". Learn to release their own emotions, there are many methods, such as: and bosom friends drink drink, see mountain. A few people gather together outing a day. The weekend a person to see all night movie to wait, can release your emotions, relieve pressure.
4, white-collar learning and improving. Ability is not the only reason for the pressure, but a very important reason. So to develop the habit of self-study, only by constantly learning and improve their ability and quality, to be effective in relieving pressure. wholesale jerseys
5, white collar should be learning benchmarking, abandon bandwagon psychological. Every white collar workers should and his past comparison, to see their own ability is in the enhancement, its own mode of thinking is in progress, but not every day and successful white-collar bandwagon. wholesale nfl jerseys
Successful white-collar is not to "keep up with the joneses", because the success of others that his ability, thoughts, quality, and opportunity go has been walking in front of you, that you go to "keep up with the joneses" what significance. Instead of to "keep up with the joneses", still be inferior to him as his own a learning benchmarking, look at others are the advantages, to learn, step by step to improve. The management that "to mark" management.
In a word, the pressure big absolute not under low ability. Hope white-collar all learn "self-extracting", "go into battle with" create life, enjoy life.

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Sunday, 25-Nov-2012 11:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A god of death really have a timetable?

University of Toronto neurological professor Andrew. He led the team in the November issue of the neurological annual report "said they found a gene mutation, may forecast humans most likely of the time of death. cheap jerseys
The findings derived from another old people sleep cycle research. Fifteen years ago, the professor's rate of scientific research group study 65 years old man's sleep problems, and how to identify Parkinson's disease and alzheimer's disease.
On the analysis of 1200 samples, the professor's lead team accidentally discovered sleep rules and "the first cycle" gene variant of connection between the gene mutation in the human body biological clock plays a main role in. jerseys free shipping
The study found that the morning get up before seven points are more likely to have adenine (AA) nucleotide alkaline base, and slugabed are more likely to have guanine (GG) nucleotide alkaline base. Don't early or late, both (AG).
The professor's so thinking whether gene mutation to the deaths. So he shall carefully over the dead man's DNA and their death. He found that early bird (AA and AG) more easily in the 11 o 'clock death, but lie in who (GG) more easily in the evening around 6 death. wholesale jerseys
Here's the Toronto star quoted professor an E-mail said: "A simple gene mutation will affect such as when to die so that the basic problem, this a little creepy." He also claimed that, 17% of the GG TuBianZhe will later than others die average 6 hours. wholesale nfl jerseys
The result is still confined to the laboratory based on saliva or blood sampling DNA sample. Asked if he would predict in life and death, the professor's said: "no, I will obey fate!"

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How should computer gens nourishing the liver?

As is known to all, the computer gens to eyes hurt very big, but very few people know, actually also has a great influence on the liver. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine has a word that is liver and eye relationship, called "liver begin to understand in the eye". Liver and eye relationship is very close, nourishing the liver to protect the eyes, liver keep good, eyes are so natural. cheap jerseys
Traditional Chinese medicine also pointed out that "long apparent hurt liver, sedentary break a bone", "liver in complexion performance for blue", "people lie is to liver blood". Computer gens if long-term stay up late, the blood does not to courage, without detoxification and to transport to the whole body, is easy to make toxin reflux. Therefore, the second day, the person's complexion will have HuiQing color appear. So, the computer keeping in good health race from nourishing the liver start. jerseys free shipping
1. To go to bed early. In 23 point must be before sleep, keep the blood back to liver detoxify.
2. Eat more green food. Because the blue into the liver meridian, can have the effect of nourishing the liver protect liver. Often feed leeks, can enhance human spleen, stomach gas. In addition, onion, garlic is also the raise liver Yang market. wholesale jerseys
3. Maintain good mood. "Liver in volunteer for anger", also is the characteristic for the performance of the anger, liver imbalance will affect a mood, make the person be agitated; Conversely, mood be agitated can also affect the liver. wholesale nfl jerseys
4. Don't long time on TV, the computer work. To change a proper posture, massage massage eyes. "Liver begin to understand in the eye", eyes too fatigue can also affect the liver.

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White-collar careful's greed disorder

"White collar's greed disease" is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, once the frustration soon showed obvious hysteria, even from the nue self-injury. Easy to an extreme form of usually is introverted, temper weird, depression or gloomy white-collar workers. As the aggravate that the society competes, work pressure step by step, a kind of call "white-collar's greed disorder" psychological disease increasingly appeared in white-collar gens, this can cause the attention of people. cheap jerseys
The young LiaoXiaoJun in a large electronic commerce company as an ordinary clerk, work time although is not long, but the result is not common. Can is, and he invited colleagues found that has always been "very ambitious" he recently often long stay in the room, again and again in number with his few ZhangYinHang CD, or a fold just hand yuan, on the face still hang some weird smile. He also in the dormitory room wall hung "annual total wealth rise map", "personal wealth ZhiShuBiao", "personal income recent planning" and so on devil's chart, often paint on it, and sometimes cry and laugh. jerseys free shipping
The doctor said analysis, this is a kind of along with the social competition, working pressure step by step of a kind of typical white-collar psychological disease. This is A kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychological society related mental disorder, A virtually force yourself and others more economic income, is A kind of morbid, conscious JiangPaiShi behavior, force yourself to overly attached to the satisfaction of money. Do form, to any work pressure, with strength for higher income to meet the psychological requirements. A can recognize themselves A little weird and accept their friend's advice to treat is good, at least she character is more friendly, wholesale jerseys easy to accept friends opinion, but "white collar's greed syndrome" has strong stubborn, concealment and harmfulness. A lot of people in different ways show the symptoms at the same time they don't notice, and easy to sick crowd is introverted, temper weird, depression sullen white-collar. They have a superiority complex, the habit alone thinking to solve analysis of psychological problems, do not wish to turn to the doctor, the symptoms related to understand the lack of channels and opportunity, if the money or the harvest satisfy can't induced etiology, once the external influence by the internal cause, appear economic slump phenomenon, wholesale nfl jerseys or there was a long pause, they are pretty easy to performance weak side, to partner to lose your temper, calumniate colleagues, in his own room throw east west, tried to catch hair, show hysteria and even from the nue self-injury.

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How to choose your suitable fitness way

At present people fitness, sports enthusiasm is very high, but the fitness must have scientific exercise methods. So how to choose to suit their own fitness way?
Bodily form feature of different people should take corresponding motion way, can more conducive to their own strong and handsome. cheap jerseys
A, emaciated, less fat, muscle force is not strong, physical strength is not beautiful person, often internal organ is not too healthy. When you exercise, should first slowly exercise good basic physical strength, and gradually strengthen muscle strength, endurance and physical flexibility, and then to weight training, to participate in aerobic exercise, rope skipping, swim etc dynamic movement. Thin type people must pay special attention to diet. Should drink plenty of rich protein food, to enhance internal organs function, strengthen muscle force, but also to eat a lot of vitamins. jerseys free shipping
Second, look emaciated, but there are a lot of fat, muscle strength and internal organs function often is not strong, physical strength is bad. This kind of person is suitable for sport is walking, climbing stairs, rope skipping, swim etc can make the movement of the fat burning. Diet should avoid gluttony, eat less sweet food, eat less fat high food, but to absorb high protein food.
Three, weight in the standard weight range, but its the upper arm, hip and thigh to abdominal fat exceed standard man. As long as the muscle and joint no problem, can participate in any sport, such as: play, swimming, riding, etc., aerobic exercise better. But if at ordinary times is not often exercise, you cannot sudden strenuous exercise. Should do every sport before, first do some warm up movement and gymnastics, strengthen muscle strength. Only pay attention to diet nutrition balance, moderate feeding, eat less food taken late at night, not excess fat intake of food can. wholesale jerseys
Four, body parts leather fat thickness is too thick, overweight, almost no muscle, bone support weak. In daily life, climb stairs will "gasping for breath". This kind of person should do more aerobic exercise and swimming, can burn fat. Often do static stretching, with aggrandizement musculoskeletal. To remind you is because obese people have high blood pressure tendency, please in before exercise blood pressure, and pay attention to the correctness of the action, but not to do too intense exercise, physical condition not good will stop motion, and cannot be rushed. Food can never excessive dieting. One day can eat 840-1260 coke (200-300) card heat food, in order to protect card balanced. Can't sharply reduced sugar, in order to avoid blood sugar drop, increase hollow feeling. wholesale nfl jerseys
In a word, no matter what the way and method for the exercise shall follow a principle, this is "because of the person different" and step by step.

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